Frequently Asked Questions

In over XX years of building pools....

Concrete swimming pools are the premier product available in the swimming pool construction industry. They offer your family a fantastic range of benefits, the most important of which are:

Complete freedom and flexibility of shape and design:  . We build your pool to suit your needs and requirements. You're not "locked in" to a tired range of standard shapes and designs and depths.Quality of finish. Concrete swimming pools are the pool of choice in quality homes throughout Australia. Nothing can beat the outstanding finish of a quality concrete pool. They just look like they are meant to be there. Remember, this is always reflected in re sale values for homes.

Peace of mind  :People don't want to buy problems, and concrete pools represent peace of mind and construction superiority. A Freestyle Pools concrete pool is fully engineered and constructed to Australian standards. They are designed and built to last for decades. A concrete pool is fully self retaining ie, if we lifted the pool out of the hole and sat in on the ground, it would remain as strong and functional as ever. Most other types of manufactured pools , would simply collapse. A concrete pool, also allows you to turn tricky and difficult build areas into a work of art.

Competitive Pricing: . Concrete swimming pools represent fantastic value.  Most people are pleasantly surprised and the minimal difference (if any) between  the cost of a installing a concrete swimming pool and it's fibreglass alternative. The main difference however, is the benefit, both in your enjoyment, and the resale value of your property, that a concrete swimming pool provides.

A respected civil engineer recently made the very appropriate response to this proposition "They aren't building the Gateway Bridge out of fibreglass, it's all steel and concrete".

This is an idea put forward by fibreglass pool salesmen, in an effort to discredit concrete swimming pools. It is simply and deliberately misleading and in fact, the opposite is the case. Modern concrete pools are engineered to a strict Australian Standard. Freestyle Pools are all inspected by the engineer, prior to concreting.

In addition to having a  minimum 150mm thick 25MPA concrete walls, concrete pools contain a minimum 9 lineal meters of 12mm reinforcing bar per square meter, which equates to an enormous stress load capability. These heavily engineered pool shells can easily cope with ground movement, in a similar way in which the Gold Coast Q1 tower is able to sway 4 meters form side to side under heavy weather conditions.

Perhaps  30 odd years  ago, when building and engineering regulations where not so rigidly enforced, there may have been concrete pool installations that were not not built correctly (just as there have been problems with older fibreglass pools), but the reality is very different now. Concrete pools are built to last a very long time.

This is very unlikely.

However, a crack in a concrete structure is in fact very easy to fix with modern technology. Xypex Australia (amongst other manufacturers) make a crystalline concrete growth product, that when injected into any crack in concrete, will amazingly, grow into that space and seal it on a molecular level, that is actually superior to concrete. It is also in fact much stronger than concrete when fully cured.

So in the unlikely event that this were to happen, there is no difficulty in ensuring the structural and water holding soundness of the structure.

We've built pools of all shape and sizes, from small plunge pools in tiny spaces, to large indoor commercial pools. From pools in the mud on the Brisbane River,  to FINA Olympic Pools, College Pools to Freeform pools in rural areas. Even pools 10 storeys up. Nearly everything is possible, so if you are unsure, please give us a call and we'll help you to get organised. Also, have a look at the about design page, and it will give you a start.

Freestyle Pools operates only under the Qld Master Builders pool contract terms and conditions.

This means that you don't pay for any stage of the pool construction, until it is completed. There is also a practical completion payment that you do not pay until everything has been finalised. The only payment you are required to pay up front, is a 5% deposit, which covers the cost of your engineering and certification.

The bottom line is, that you can't be left out of pocket, because you don't pay for anything, until it is finished.

The recent changes to the QBCC legislation, mean that all new pools are required to be insured under the QBCC home warranty insurance scheme, which provides Government backed , comprehensive insurance.  In addition, your pool is fully covered during the construction period by HIA (Housing Industry Association) building and construction insurance. This covers all construction and public liability issues. Additionally, we provide a 7 year warranty on your pool shell, your equipment warranty is provided for up to five years (depending on which equipment you install) by the equipment manufacturers, and internal finishes have a 5 year warranty.

Like many builders, we have chosen not to join SPASA. We belong to the HIA and Master Builders, Australia's largest construction industry associations.

SPASA is not, as is a commonly held view, a Goverment appointed body and it has no regulatory or statuatory authority. SPASA is in industry association, which, amongst other things, combines its resources to market it's products, such as it's "Watertite" Insurance product. 

With the recent change in QBSA legislation, each new pool contract is covered by statuatory QBCC home warranty insurance.  This combined with our HIA construction insurance and public liability insurance, means that your pool project if fully covered in all respects.  It is our view, and the view of many others, that the Watertite insurance offered by the SPASA organisation, is no longer necessary.

To give you some added comfort, we would like to tell you proudly, that Freestyle Pools has never even had a dispute raised with the BSA by any customer and certainly, no work order ever issued. This is a fact that can be verified on the BSA website).

Frankly, we prefer to let our record, rather than a paid for SPASA logo, speak for our good standing in the industry. A history of no insurance claims or BSA involvement, high level construction industry insurance and a 15 year family partnership,  we hope speak for themselves.

Just give us a call Brisbane/ Moreton/Redcliffe 3262 4593  or Logan/Gold Coast 5665 9200. We'll organise a time to meet you on site, talk about what you need, and come back to you with a fixed price in writing.