Designing your Swimming Pool

There are many components that need to come together to build the swimming pool you and your family want. There are several aspects of the design you will need to consider as you begin to organise your new swimming pool and Freestyle Pools are here to assist

What shape and layout do I want?What do I have to consider when positioning my pool?How do I want the inside of my pool to look?What features, working or fixed, do I want in or around the pool.What about the surrounds: grass, concrete, tiles ???

Below is information about all of these items, but please remember, we are always happy to meet with you on site and go through all the options with you.

There are many aspects that come into the design of your new swimming pool. One of the major benefits of building in concrete is that it opens up a whole world of possibilities in shape layout , depths and positioning.

The basic rule of thumb, when building a concrete swimming pool, is that almost any shape is possible. Below are some typical examples of various shapes, but in reality, it is up to you how you want your swimming pool laid out.

Formal Pools

Freeform Style Pools

Lap Pools

Because concrete swimming pools are structurally independent they are totally suitable for construction in difficult sites and close to existing structures. Obviously, where the swimming pool is required to be constructed with some portion built out of ground, such as on slopes and canal fronts, concrete swimming pools are the natural choice.

POSITION 1 - Construction close to structure.
POSITION 2 - Construction in area with limited access.
POSITION 3 - Sloping and above ground construction. Concrete swimming pools are fully retaining and can be built in the most difficult above ground situations.
POSITION 4 - Construction in all soil types is only possible with concrete swimming pools. As fully engineered structures, they are designed to withstand the external pressures that surrounding soil movement can exert.

There are many considerations that need to be made when deciding what features and inclusions you would like to add into the design and building of your pool.

Tiling (Coping & Waterline)

Our recommendation is to check out our Showcase Slideshow and see the examples that are displayed, and then visit the tiling suppliers' websites that are in our useful links page. This will give you some good material to look at and plenty of available selection choices via website catalogues. Of course, if you want somebody to visit you on site, just give us a call and we'll organise a visit for you.

Internal Finishes

The greatest percentage of swimming pools constructed in South East Queensland, are finished in Pebblecrete, which comes in various forms. Freestyle Pools use a 1.5mm rolled Pebblecrete, for the smoothest possible finish. Pebblecrete is low maintenance, highly durable and relatively inexpensive to install.

The colours of the Pebblecrete components can be adjusted to suit your requirements. We can add extra blue, black, white brown or gold to "tweak" the final water colour. The River Sands website will help you get an idea of available colours.

As an alternative to pebblecrete, products such as "Jewels for Pools",  "Beadcrete" and "Quartzon" offer quality finishes that can give your pool a different look and feel.  The "LINKS" page provides connection to these sites to check out what they have to offer.


Functional Features

Water Features

Add an extra dimension to your pool by including a watersheer water feature. These can be built using a water blade or using water squirters/fountains, built into the wall, cascading into the pool.


A Spa bath is a fantastic addition to your new swimming pool. There are plenty of optional inclusions to be included in a Spa Bath, such as Spa Jets, air blowers, heating as well as incorporating a waterfall overflow into the swimming pool.


There is an excellent range of options available to help you light your pool and give it that "wow" factor at night. LED lights in a single fixed colour or multi function LEDS that offer a full range of colour and function options are available in a wide range of fittings and fixtures.  Click onto the direct links to lighting suppliers in the useful links page to see what is available.

Steps and Benches

Steps and benches (and beaches). A concrete pool construction lets you design steps and benches wherever you need them in the pool. A well designed step entry can help you make the "wow" factor in your pool. Benches are a functional and practical inclusion in your pool that give you "swim to" spots and easy "safe area" swimming points for children.


We are happy to help you organise fencing for your new pool. Whether you need standard aluminium powder coated fencing or are looking to install semi frameless or fully frameless glass . Just let us know what you want to achieve with your fencing and we will assist.


Depending on the positioning of your pool, you will need to consider how the surrounding area for your pool will be finished. You may simply want to have a grassed area beside your pool, or alternatively you may like to have the surrounding area tiled, paved, concreted or stencil concreted, we can assist you with competitive pricing and co-ordinate the work to "dovetail" with your pool construction.